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Sell My Land in Crawley | What are My Options?

If you are a landowner in Crawley or the surrounding areas looking to sell your land, selling to property developers can greatly increase the value of your land. However, it can be a confusing process. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to development, sale and purchase options. As a local, experienced land acquisition and property development company, we tailor our services to you. This ensures our ‘sell my land’ services give you the best outcome.

If you have land for sale, the land buyers at Virtue Property Group handle all negotiations and agreement of terms. We always keep the interests of our customers in mind to ensure the most suitable and beneficial transactions.

To make the agreed terms legally binding, solicitors decide which type of contract is most appropriate for implementing these terms, taking into account the wants and needs of land buyers and sellers in Crawley.

As client-focused property developers, when providing ‘sell my land’ services, Virtue Property Group ensures your interests are at the heart of negotiations. The following are the key agreement types you will come across when you decide to sell your land for potential development:

1. Conditional Contract

Under a conditional contract, both parties are legally bound to buy and sell subject to the condition of obtaining planning permission. There may also be further conditions.

Conditional contracts are common when land has a fixed price and there is not much time to gain planning permission.

Those who have land for sale in the Crawley area often favour conditional contracts. This is because the contract places obligations on us as land buyers, rather than on you. They are also more common for land acquisition that involves the purchase of land already allocated for development.

2. Simple Option Agreement

There is a fixed price on the available land and the buyer has few obligations other than giving notice when they want to proceed to purchase.

A simple option agreement is suitable if you are 100% certain you want to sell.

3. Promotion Agreement

Promotion agreements are suitable for land acquisition and are common for land that has future development potential, but that the local planning policy has not marked for development.

Consequently, this type of contract is popular with property developers in Crawley and the surrounding areas.

4. Hybrid Option Agreement

A hybrid option agreement places certain obligations on land buyers. This is similar to a conditional contract, in that the buyer can set out acceptable planning conditions.

If you have land for sale, a representative will monitor our activities for you to ensure we meet our obligations.

As a reputable, family-run company, Virtue Property Group makes sure you get the most suitable agreement for your needs and that it gives you the best value. When undertaking ‘sell my land’ services in Crawley and the surrounding areas, we always uphold the interests of our clients to deliver ideal results.

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