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Land Buyers in Horsham | Key Considerations of Garden Development

With the pressure on housing, garden developments are an increasingly common occurrence. Classed as brownfield sites, residential gardens outside built-up areas offer an excellent opportunity for landowners and property developers. As such, if you have an underused garden space in Horsham or the surrounding areas, Virtue Property Group can help you maximise the value of the land through our ‘sell my land’ service. As an experienced land acquisition company, we are adept at determining development potential and ensure clients with land for sale get the best outcome from negotiations.

Whether you’re thinking of developing on your own, or you’re planning to enter into an agreement with land buyers, there’s some key information you need to consider before taking the plunge.

1. Space

Space is a key consideration because your plot in Horsham must be big enough to accommodate another building. It’s also important to think about the overall look of the street. For example, if existing properties are evenly spaced, placing a new building to the side of your property may make it look cramped.

2. Privacy

When looking at land for sale and potential development opportunities, property developers must consider any loss of privacy to neighbouring properties. Planning applications for new builds that overlook gardens or cause a loss of privacy are unlikely to go through.

With many years of experience in land acquisition, Virtue Property Group knows exactly what to look for in a potential development site, and we give you expert advice.

3. Planning & Legal Rights

Some landowners in the Horsham area believe planning permission is enough to start building. However, it’s vital to remember that land is still subject to any existing legal rights, such as specific protections or restrictive covenants.

As professional property developers, when you choose our ‘sell my land’ services, we take care of all legal rights and restrictions while ensuring you get the best deal for your land.

4. Access

When planning to develop in a back garden in Horsham, it is vital to consider access. Existing access rights won’t necessarily include a right of way to access an additional dwelling. Consequently, the land buyers at Virtue Property Group will need to identify whether current access rights are adequate or if they need improving.

5. Design

The design of suggested new developments has a significant effect on the success of planning applications. New buildings in Horsham should enhance their surroundings and fit in with nearby properties. This includes design as well as the materials used.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Virtue Property Group is adept at designing and constructing considerate builds that meet the needs of the surrounding area.

6. Develop or Sell My Land?

While development is an ideal way to maximise return, it can be complicated and risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we recommend getting in touch with the land buyers at Virtue Property Group. Having been operating as property developers for many years, we are experts in all aspects of land acquisition and development.

From finding profitable land for sale to gaining planning permission, dealing with local authorities and constructing high quality builds, we ensure every phase of the project meets requirements.

Contact us on 01293 403244 to discuss your options with the expert land buyers and property developers in Horsham and the surrounding areas.

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