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Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition in Horsham, Horley and Crawley | Sourcing Land for Development

As land buyers, Virtue Property Group sources land for various development opportunities in Horley, Crawley, Horsham, Redhill and neighbouring locations. With many years of experience operating as a land acquisition company, we find ideal sites for our own residential and commercial projects, maximising land value through planning and development.

Based in Horley, we have extensive knowledge of the local area and have built new homes, offices and other properties in Surrey and West Sussex. As such, we are adept at identifying land with development potential, undertaking complete planning and development services to increase value.


Land acquisition is rarely simple. There are various aspects to consider such as regulatory requirements, access rights, easements and tenancy agreements. On top of this, as customer focused land buyers, it’s important for us to find an agreement that best meets your needs as well as fulfilling our own requirements.

With over 50 years of experience, as well as training with leading UK property training academies, we give you the best deal for your land in Crawley, Horsham or Redhill. To do this, we build an understanding of your wants and needs, while helping ensure your property is in a position to offer maximum profit.

For example, we advise on factors such as planning permissions, council policy and construction potential. Because we buy land for our own property development projects, we know exactly what we need to maximise land value. As such, considering these aspects ensures Virtue Property Group’s land acquisition services offer the highest possible profit.

Planning & Development Consultancy

As experienced land buyers with a network of industry resources, we offer planning and development consultancy to maximise value. This includes identifying the unique features of your land, reviewing development options to increase marketability, and implementing strategic planning.

Our planning consultants also have expert knowledge of planning permission, ensuring your land has the best chance of gaining approval for development.

All this maximises development potential, and because we are land buyers sourcing opportunities for our own building projects, this increases the value of your property.

Land Acquisition Management

When selling your land for development opportunities, we deliver a complete service package with desired results.

As a customer-focused company, Virtue Property Group puts your interests at the forefront of acquisition services. We use a tested, structured process for land purchasing which ensures we maintain momentum and avoid unexpected problems.

By providing detailed plans and collating all relevant documents, including legal papers, we effectively manage the entire land acquisition process while staying on top of potential risks and delays.

Flexible Service

One of the benefits you enjoy with Virtue Property Group is the flexibility of our services. We have experience buying, developing and selling a diverse range of sites in Crawley, Horsham, Redhill and the surrounding areas. As such, we offer a flexible land acquisition service based on your needs and the specifics of each site.

This includes taking full management of the land, including associated maintenance, risks and liabilities, as well as restrictive covenants, complex leases and tenancy agreements.

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