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Sell My Land in Redhill, Surrey or West Sussex | Sell Your Land Successfully

Virtue Property Group works with domestic and freehold landowners as well as businesses and anyone else looking for a ‘sell my land’ service. Many people in the Horley, Crawley, Horsham and Redhill areas are unaware that selling their property for development rather than resale purposes may increase its value. With over 50 years of experience, we help you realise the opportunities private land sale provides. When you have land for sale, we ensure you get the best value through a tried and tested sales model.

Having been buying and developing land in the local area for so many years, we have a large portfolio of satisfied clients. The interests of our customers are at the heart of our services, which is why we take the time to thoroughly discuss your property, your needs and the process of selling your land for development.

To ensure a successful sale, we walk through various aspects of planning, construction and property specifics. This ensures the terms and agreements of sale suit the interests of all parties.

As property developers, Virtue Property Group sources land which we will take through planning and construction ourselves. This allows us to offer a highly competitive price for your land. To achieve the best possible value, we consider a range of factors which are important for you to know when you have land for sale. The following are just some of these.

For more information and advice about selling your land in Crawley, Horsham, Redhill, Surrey or West Sussex, please contact us today.

Plans & Construction

Demolition & Groundworks Expenses

As property developers, when we offer a price on your land, we include expenses for demolition and groundworks, such as new utilities connections and removal of asbestos.

Another consideration is mature trees because they may have protection. If we cannot remove the tree, this may affect the depth and type of foundations our build will require.

As such, the condition and specifics of your property can affect our offer price.

Construction Plans

When you have land for sale, careful design and planning are essential for getting the best profit. This is because planning refusals will reduce the land value. To give you peace of mind and ensure maximum profit, our ‘sell my land’ service includes planning consultancy.

When we look at the land, we arrange an agreement with you. We then look into obtaining planning permission and once this is in place, we pay you the previously agreed amount. Following a successful transaction, we build what we planned before sale.

With a vast network of experts, including architects, Virtue Property Group delivers complete, reliable services throughout Crawley, Horsham, Redhill and the surrounding areas.

Planning & Councils

Council’s Planning Policy

Every local council has a planning policy. This outlines what types of development they require along with any earmarked areas. Understanding these improves chances of gaining planning permission on the land.

Because we source development opportunities, if your land is in an area earmarked for development, or if you already have planning permission, your land will be more profitable. In addition, the process of selling to our developers will be quicker and simpler.

Potential Objections

Planning permission is necessary for Virtue Property Group to purchase your land and we offer to obtain planning permission as part of the process. This is because we buy land to build on it, and we can’t do this without permission.

However, your local council may refuse planning permission for various reasons. For example, if your land for sale is within the greenbelt, you’re unlikely to get permission for development.

In addition, if you’re selling a commercial property in the Crawley, Horsham or Redhill areas, any loss of employment may affect decisions on planning permission.

Consequently, we must consider the likelihood of gaining permission before we can place an offer on your land.

Sell My Land - The Deal

Previous Projects

Having a look at our previous developments gives you an idea of the quality and suitability of the residential and commercial sites we develop. As a local company, we have thorough knowledge of Horley and the surrounding areas, ensuring we deliver thoughtful and effective properties.

Deal Structures

There are many ways we structure land and property deals. The best sale option for you will depend on your needs and circumstances, which we discuss at length to ensure you get the most beneficial solution. As developers specialising in maximising value, one option we offer is an uplift clause, which gives you a share in future development value.

To find out how we can maximise the value of your land in the Redhill and Horsham areas, call 01293 403244 for a complete sell my land service.

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